About Mistletown

Mistletown is a free public Christmas Experience, supported by Dublin City Council. It is a place where everyone can come to get some festive cheer.

For the month of December, the city’s Fruit & Veg Market will be transformed into the country’s biggest in-door Christmas Experience.

Mistletown will be filled with festive atmosphere, from the Artisan Food & traditional Craft Market to the Victorian Fairground experience. Mistletown will have something for all the family.

Fruit & Veg Market

About the venue

Opened in 1892 as a wholesale fruit and vegetable market, The City Fruit & Veg Market is an historical landmark in Dublin.

Victorians believed in ‘less is a bore’ and never left a surface undecorated, hence the charming terracotta flowers, fruit and fish decorations, examples of what could be found on sale within the market.

Spanning across 6,623m sq., The City Fruit & Veg Market is an iconic building in the city of Dublin.